An ex-NFL executive predicts Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson will develop into a “much better version of Lamar Jackson.”

Can quarterback Anthony Richardson match if not surpass Lamar Jacksons NFL career

A veteran NFL official recently expressed his high regard for Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson to Kenneth Teape of the NFL Analysis Network, even going so far as to imply that Richardson is an improvement over Lamar Jackson.

Can quarterback Anthony Richardson match if not surpass Lamar Jacksons NFL career
Can quarterback Anthony Richardson match if not surpass Lamar Jacksons NFL career

The former NFL front-office personnel said:

“The kid simply has it all. He’s got the body, he has the arm, he has the coachability. I think his ceiling is a much better version of Lamar Jackson.”

Such a claim has a lot of weight in light of Lamar Jackson’s stellar career, which includes an MVP award, several Pro Bowl choices, and noteworthy achievements at a young age.

The University of Louisville graduate is still under 30 years old and has a 45-16 record as the starting quarterback. The controversy surrounding his contract negotiations came to an end on Day 1 of the 2023 draft when he consented to a five-year, $260 million deal. He becomes the highest-paid NFL player thanks to this agreement in terms of average annual value.

Undoubtedly, the idea that Richardson may surpass Jackson in quality is unsettling for the rest of the NFL. In his last year at Florida, Richardson—who was selected fourth overall in the 2023 NFL Draft—displayed his athleticism by amassing 654 running yards and nine touchdowns.

Jackson is 20 pounds heavier and two inches taller than Richardson, who also has a commanding physical presence. His extraordinary score of 99 in that category during the Scouting Combine, a record only two quarterbacks since 2003 have achieved, served as more proof of his athleticism.

Anthony Richardson is doing well so far.
Anthony Richardson was the subject of many inquiries prior to the 2023 NFL Draft. Given that he only successfully completed 54.7 percent of his passes at Florida, there were questions about his accuracy. In his three seasons at Gainesville, he only made 13 starts.

However, the Colts ignored such worries and chose him as their third quarterback in the 2023 selection instead. Will Levis was predicted to be selected before Richardson, but the Tennessee Titans defeated him in the second round.

But everyone connected to the Colts organization is all gushing over Richardson. He shown outstanding qualities throughout mini-camps, which should help him advance to the position of future franchise quarterback.

The Colts are looking for consistency at quarterback after a recent carousel of quarterbacks that included Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz, and Matt Ryan. Richardson’s potential was highlighted by Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, who compared the rookie quarterback to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Richardson has demonstrated promise both on and off the field, but under new head coach Shane Steichen, he will have to contend with Gardner Minshew for the starting position. Before deciding who will start, the Colts will assess the performances of both quarterbacks.

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